Alpine Semiotic: a futuristic architecture that blends with nature

a structure that envisions a futuristic form of building in which the boundary between man and nature obscures.


armin senoner conceptualizes class system based semiotic alpine escape
from birth, every human is organized through the hierarchical class system. without regard to personal characteristics in the least, each is donned with a label; lower, middle, or upper. society at large is innately regulated because by it, the rich do anything to remain at the top, the middle tries to overthrow the rich, and the poor just try to survive. modern times, though less brutal, is no less restrained by the unspoken rules of social division.


“The project is a critical reflection of the question about through which  parameters luxury or comfort can be achieved and then gradually been differentiated according to class. Such parameters affect primarily the privacy degree of the space, but other physical parameters such as materiality as well as topographical and environmental conditions are taken into account. Furthermore psycological effects such as height, orientation towards most privileged views are key for the arrangement of the three classes.”



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